The purpose of SMA Europe is to provide a framework to stimulate collaboration and accelerate translational research pathways in SMA and promote patient care.

  1. Study shows impaired endocytosis in SMA & a potential new treatment strategy.

    The Chair of our Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Brunhilde Wirth of the University of Cologne, published an important paper in the American Journal of Human Genetics. This study, partly funded by SMA Europe, unravels impaired endocytosis in SMA. Endocytosis is a mechanism used by cells to recycle and transport molecules by engulfing them. This is […]


  2. Call for SMA research proposals 2016 now open!

    We are delighted to announce that we have launched our 9th Call for SMA Research Proposals. To find out more about the Call, our eligibility criteria and how to apply, please read our launch document. To access the application portal (hosted by AFM Téléthon), please click here and follow “SMA Europe 9th Call for Proposals”. We […]


  3. SMA standards of care – lay report of a workshop

    A workshop on SMA standards of care, supported by the ENMC, together with SMA Europe, SMA Support UK, Cure SMA and the SMA Foundation, was held in February in Naarden, The Netherlands. This initiative gathered twenty-one clinical researchers from seven different countries (USA [7], UK [6], Italy [3], Germany [2], France [1], Sweden [1], Denmark […]


  4. SMA Europe awards new research grants through its 8th call for research proposals

    SMA research receives vital funds from SMA Europe. Based on the recommendations received by its Scientific Advisory Board, SMA Europe awarded a total of 473,000 Euros to 5 cutting-edge SMA research projects through its 8th Call for Research Proposals. The Scientific Advisory Board reviewed and scored 18 very high level SMA research proposals. As only […]


  5. The role of the vascular system in SMA – Professor Simon Parson

    The University of Aberdeen has announced that researchers have made a significant breakthrough in understanding SMA. Funding for this research came in part from one of our member organisations, The SMA Trust. Vanessa Christie-Brown, Research Co-ordinator at The SMA Trust commented “We are delighted to have funded Professor Parson’s work on vascular involvement in SMA. […]