SMA Type 1 care guidelines – by country


SMA Type 1 care guidelinesThe Netherlands

A new guideline which stipulates what the optimal care for children with SMA type 1 is with the arrival of new, disease-inhibiting medicines, has been published by Dutch neurologists.



Poland also has a guide, written by Chiara Mastella and translated from Italian into Polish.

What to expect from a lumbar puncture – video


The department of Paediatric Neurology and Muscle Diseases at Freiburg University Medical Centre has produced this video to explain lumbar punctures to children, young people and their parents. It is hoped that it will provide them with peace of mind. The video may be used as a supplement to the explanations and preparations by the treating physician.

A lumbar puncture, also called spinal tap, is a medical test. It may be applied to children and young people in order to diagnose diseases of the nervous system or to give a medication (such as Spinraza™).

You can listen to the video in:


New treatments for spinal muscular atrophy open-up new challenges for European & national institutions



Marie-Christine Ouillade & Alexandre Méjat.


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