The Call for Research Proposals

SMA Europe holds an annual call for research proposals. The call is open to any research project (those of a collaborative nature are encouraged) aimed at finding a therapy for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) or at elucidating the basic pathophysiological processes of the disease. Priority will, however, be given to projects concentrating on the following areas:

  1. Understanding and Function of the SMN Complex and possibly other
  2. factors, independent of SMN, as it relates to the pathophysiology of SMA
  3. Innovative approaches for therapy of SMA, including targeting non-SMN pathways
  4. Projects addressing bottlenecks impairing rapid translation from basic research to clinical trials, including;
    – Innovative outcome measures & endpoints
    – Appropriate methodology to follow disease progression and treatment effect.
  5. The Natural History of SMA

The overall goal of SMA-Europe is to help the dedicated international scientific and medical community in its search for therapies for SMA. Time being critical for people with SMA, preferences will be given to projects that have the greatest potential to overcome barriers to translation of advances in basic science and to accelerate the identification of effective treatments.

Our next Call will be announced soon