Barcelona 2022

In focus

3rd International Scientific Congress on Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Our 3rd International Scientific Congress on Spinal Muscular Atrophy took place between 21st & 23rd October in Barcelona. The event brought together 842 researchers, healthcare specialists, and patient organisations from 66 countries.



In focus

The Programme

The Congress began with the session “Spinal muscular atrophy: New horizons beyond the disease”, organised by Eduardo Tizzano, director of the Clinical and Molecular Genetics Area and the Rare Diseases Unit at Vall d'Hebron Hospital and winner of the Queen Sofia Award for Prevention. The session counted with the participation of patients' representatives from FundAME (Spinal muscular atrophy Foundation in Spain).

It was followed by the session taught by Yasemin Erbas, Vice-president of SMA Europe, called “SMA Europe’s evidence-based patient advocacy: Bridging the gap between clinical research and patient experience.” 


The scientific programme of the Congress included the following sessions:

- "Models, Pathways and Muscle Regeneration"

- "New Phenotypes After Therapy"

- "Dysfunction of Sensory-motor Circuits in SMA"

- "Therapeutic Data Update"

- "SMN Network and Beyond"

- "Orally Administered Treatments"

- "Non 5q-SMA"

In addition, new scientific poster presentations and workshops offered a new vision of spinal muscular atrophy and the latest scientific advances.

The 3rd International Scientific Congress on spinal muscular atrophy ended with the Award Ceremony for the best oral presentation and the best three scientific posters on SMA.



We greatly appreciate your attendance at our Congress and hope you enjoy some photos of the event!

The goal of our scientific congress is to bring together an international and multidisciplinary group of scientists and healthcare professionals. We provide a venue for them to present and exchange their breakthrough ideas relating to SMA, especially also considering the patient-relevance of their findings, and to cement existing and stimulate new collaborations.

Nicole Gusset, President of SMA Europe