Our Call for Research

SMA Europe’s research call is a unique funding programme supporting cutting-edge scientific research on all aspects of SMA.

No other funding call in Europe focuses exclusively on SMA, making it a precious opportunity for scientists to undertake their research without having to compete with other fields. The strategic priorities of the call are informed by the whole SMA community, with patient relevance, topical research questions, and breadth of topics at its core. 

The SMA field has changed dramatically in recent years, with the approval of three SMN-dependent treatments that can change the course of the disease. Still, not all people living with SMA benefit from current therapeutic options, and new questions around the disease and what it will look like in future years are arising for those that are being treated. It is crucial that research on SMA addresses those unmet needs and new questions, which is the main objective of our call. 



Importance of the research in SMA

Our call for research projects is important to ensure:
Continued research on SMARetention of skills and expertise in the fieldIncreased collaborations across European research groupsVisibility of current and newly emerging research needs
Previously funded projects

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