For Researchers

Applying for a grant

Within the field of SMA, we support a broad spectrum of research with the objective of finding therapies for all people living with SMA, in accordance with our research strategy.

We pride ourselves that the research we fund is both innovative and of a high standard as judged by rigorous peer review.

SMA Europe awards two types of research grants: 

Application Procedure

Grant I

Operating grant

Operating grants are available to principal investigators who have the skills, knowledge and resources to carry out the proposed project and coordinate a multi-team project. A principal investigator: 

  • must be a professional or faculty member at an appropriate educational, medical or research institution or SME (small or medium enterprise) biotech and be qualified to conduct and supervise a programme of original research
  • must have access to institutional resources necessary to conduct the proposed research project
  • must have a track record of collaboration with others.

Grant II

Postdoctoral fellowships

Postdoctoral fellowships are available to applicants who: 

  • must be a member of a research team in the laboratory of a senior investigator under whose guidance the applicant will conduct the research project

Applications should be of high quality as the scheme is very competitive and will be assessed by rigorous international peer review to ensure that we fund high-quality science that is relevant to people living with SMA.

Medical Research

SMA position on animal research

We respect that people have valid concerns about the use of animals in medical research. However, currently for anyone with a diagnosis of SMA, research with any real prospect of an effective treatment will involve the use of animals.

Whilst we do not directly carry out any research on animals, as an organisation, we support laboratory research projects, posts and activities.

Policy on animal research


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