SMA Newsroom

Jan 24, 2022

European NBS Alliance Webinar on Newborn Screening Techniques for SMA

The European Alliance for Newborn Screening for SMA organised a webinar for SMA Europe members on the topic of newborn screening techniques for SMA, which was covered from a variety of viewpoints.


  • Welcome – Marie-Christine Ouillade, Chair of SMA NBS Alliance Steering Committee, SMA Europe
  • Introduction to the SMA Newborn screening process and screening techniques overall – Dr. Raquel Yahyaoui, Clinical Biochemistry Specialist, Clinical Laboratory and Newborn Screening Centre of Eastern Andalucia, IBIMA
  • Newborn screening for SMA, technical aspects – Dr. François Boemer, CHU Liège
  • Solutions and tools for SMA and PID screening – Tehri Helenius, Global Product Manager, Perkin Elmer
  • SMA screening – Liselot Detemmerman, R&D Manager, LaCAR MDX Technologies
  • SPOT-it™ Assays – Frida Oliv, Head of Sales and Marketing, ImmunoIVD