SMA Newsroom

May 21, 2024

New Real-life Stories on OdySMA!

While stabilising treatment for SMA is available, European-wide access is not. 

Meet Jana, Julia and Nataliia to understand how access to treatment and care, can impact the lives of people living with SMA!

OdySMA is an SMA Europe initiative that systematically tracks and compares data about access to treatment and care in Europe to propose actionable steps to overcome access challenges. 

Real-life stories offer real life portraits, created through participatory and collaborative storytelling with their protagonists. These stories illustrate the concrete impact of issues that are high on the community’s priorities. Real-life stories amplify the impact of OdySMA by providing insight into the real impact of access in people’s lives. 

Do you want to share your story? If so, please get in touch with Laura Gumbert, Healthcare System and Access Manager at SMA Europe.