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Apr 2, 2024

Our Call for Research nr. 12 is now open!

Our Call for Research nr. 12 is now open!

This new Call for SMA research projects is open to research proposals that address the needs of people who live with SMA and demonstrate a clear pathway to impacting those in the short or longer term.

In particular, priority will be given to projects concentrating on the following areas:

1. Reviving the motor unit in patients with SMA with a specific interest for the role of NMJ (dys)function (including skeletal muscle and development/developmental vulnerability of motor neurons in the spinal cord/brain stem).
2. Biomarkers within and beyond the neuromuscular system.
3. How metabolism is affected in SMA and how this might influence peripheral organs.

If you are interested to participate or share, please consult the full information on our website:

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