SMA Newsroom

Jul 9, 2021

Our NBS Alliance Welcomes New Member

On 22 June 2021, ImmunoIVD officially joined the European Alliance for Newborn Screening in SMA as our 13th Member Company. Our European Alliance for Newborn Screening in SMA demands that by 2025, newborn screening programmes in all European countries include a test for spinal muscular atrophy for all newborn children.

ImmunoIVD is a Swedish company based in Nacka Strand, south of Stockholm, that was founded in 2015 by researchers who wanted to develop a sensitive SCID assay, suitable for usage in routine newborn screening laboratories. They subsequently developed a screening kit for SCID and SMA.

They are a specialised, research-intensive company that keeps the focus on developing rapid and effective assays for newborn screening to facilitate early detection, prompt treatment, and more successful outcomes for children affected by primary immunodeficiencies and other rare diseases.