The purpose of SMA Europe is to provide a framework to stimulate collaboration and accelerate translational research pathways in SMA and promote patient care.

  1. SMA Europe produces comprehensive information booklet on SMA for healthcare professionals

    SMA Europe provides comprehensive information booklet for healthcare professionalsAs part of our mission to bring effective therapies to patients in a timely & sustainable way, we joined a Clinical Trial Readiness initiative developed by Cure SMA and its Industry Consortium in the U.S. This project aims to understand and expand Europe’s current capacity to run clinical trials for potential SMA therapies.

    In order to achieve this, several initiatives have been undertaken, including a survey to better understand the current landscape in Europe. An analysis of the data obtained indicated that sites would value educational material and training opportunities to increase their capacity to run clinical trials for SMA in their countries. We have therefore engaged in the following activities, which you can find out more about by clicking on the links:

    We have now produced  1 of 3 information booklets, which are designed to equip clinical trial sites with resources that aim to support their ability to run or expand SMA clinical trials in a patient-centred way. This first booklet contains comprehensive information on SMA: the pathology, diagnosis, clinical presentation, therapeutic strategies and treatments which we are excited to share with you.

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