SMA Newsroom

Jan 22, 2021

SMA Europe responds to European neuromuscular experts’ consensus statements on gene replacement therapy for SMA

A group of European neuromuscular experts presented eleven consensus statements covering qualification, patient selection, safety considerations and long-term monitoring, in order to aid the rational use of Zolgensma™ for the treatment of SMA (1).

In a letter published in the European Journal of Paediatric Neurology (2), SMA Europe addresses these consensus statements by highlights:

  • The challenging decisions families with a child with SMA face in the light of several treatments now being available
  • That in order to make informed decisions, families need to understand the full picture of the disease, including the patient perspective on quality of life.
  • That it is essential to have a transparent discussion about the range of potential outcomes of different treatments, followed by shared decision-making.
  • That predictive factors for treatment outcomes remain unclear, therefore potential treatment benefit must be assessed on an individual level.

Full access to our position paper is available for 50 days.


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