Our Funding


Our funders

SMA Europe receives funding from its member organisations, in the form of an annual membership fee and of voluntary donations towards our Call for Research Proposals. In addition, we receive funding from other non-profit organisations and from health sector corporates.

Our funders respect SMA Europe’s mission, strategy, independence, and integrity.

SMA Europe has adopted a code of practice for relationships with the pharmaceutical industry and all our funding partnerships are established with shared interest, transparency, trust, and mutual benefit.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].


Financial information 2022

In 2022 SMA Europe’s annual revenue was €1,045,836.64, while the organisation’s total annual expenses amounted to €519,514.00. 



Valued support


SMA Europe appreciates the donations received from all its funders. Ensuring a sustained variety of funding is key to minimise potential conflicts of interest and to ensure the sustainability of the organisation.

SMA Europe would like to thank the following organisations for their highly valued support in 2022:

  • SMA Europe’s member organisations
  • Cure SMA
  • Biogen
  • ImmunoIVD
  • LaCAR MDX Technologies
  • Novartis Gene Therapies
  • Roche
  • Scholar Rock
  • Wallac Oy


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