SMArt Horizon

A joint initiative

SMArt Horizon is a collaboration between
all our national organizations,
SMA Foundation and SMA Europe.


Patients drive innovation

In SMArt Horizon, we and our member organisations are actively scanning the research fields for ground-breakting new research and trying to identfiy new innovative approaches for the treatment of SMA; and bring these to the community. 

In this initative we are closely collaborating with the SMA Foundation.

The SMArt Horizon project is supported by the Calendar Fund, generously initiated by FundAME.


SMArt Horizon is divided into 4 steps:

  • Scanning and Identifying
  • Attracting scientists to SMA by building a relationship and by assessing the mutual relevance
  • Supporting by seed-funding research projects
  • Implementing by bringing promising research to clinics and to the patients

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