SMA Newsroom

Aug 1, 2022

SMA Awareness Month

The 1st of August marks the beginning of SMA Awareness Month.

Despite all the advances in research, care, and treatments, there is yet a lot to be done to ensure people living with SMA and their families attain the best quality of life across Europe.

SMA Europe's 24 members work together every day to create a better world for all those living with SMA. 

This month we have the opportunity to bring attention to SMA and to make our community stronger both on national and international levels. 

We believe that every awareness initiative, designed by our members during this month, will help to raise the voice of people who live with SMA and help to build up sustained solidarity around our SMA Community. We also believe that only with constant support from institutions and decisions makers at the international level, we can reach our goal one day and create a better world for all those living with SMA. 

Join us in spreading awareness and in taking action to ensure no one with SMA is left behind. 

All together. One goal. Let's make it sound louder than ever.