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Mar 3, 2022

SMA Europe mobilises its community to help people with SMA who are affected by the war in Ukraine

SMA Europe is shocked and devastated by the situation in Ukraine. SMA Europe stands in solidarity with all people suffering from the consequences of the war.

We feel that our responsibility is to take care of the people who may be forgotten in such a situation: people with disabilities and sometimes in high demand of basic health care, such as people living with SMA. We are painfully aware of how challenging the current conditions are for people with rare diseases or disabilities.

We will focus our efforts on supporting initiatives that seek to fill gaps in patient-relevant needs. But to do so effectively and efficiently, we rely on donations. Donated funds will be used to support the following areas, both in the short and long term:

  • Local organisations that are currently helping refugees, such as Fundacja SMA, the Polish patients' organisation.
  • Organisations that help transport vulnerable people from dangerous areas.
  • People with SMA or with similar needs in Ukraine, e.g., by providing (medical) care packages, generators, (back-up) ventilators and materials, feeding tubes, etc.
  • As soon as the situation has stabilised, to support Ukrainian patient organisations in rebuilding their supply infrastructure and care for their patients.
  • Help organise humanitarian medical transport of people who cannot use other means of travel, out of the country.
  • Helping to fund wheelchair-accessible emergency shelters and medical care for refugees.
  • In addition to fundraising, we have developed an action plan to support SMA families immediately and sustainably, whether they be in Ukraine or refuged in another country. These actions include:
  • Mapping-out the needs of people with SMA suffering from the war
  • Identifying national focal points in each member country to support refugees 
  • Mapping out, coordinating and supporting initiatives already available in our European community
  • Ensuring availability of SMA medicines and care

To do all this, we need your financial support. Please donate and help us help the Ukrainian SMA community. Every donation counts! 

To donate, please click here and use “Ukraine” as your payment reference.

For more information, please contact our secretariat at

To listen to our President’s appeal, please click on the link below