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OtherNewslettersJun 21, 2022

Community letter from Novartis Gene Therapies June 2022

In this June 2022 community update, Novartis Gene Therapies shares the latest Gene Therapy Education Resources and provide clinical updates on completed, ongoing and upcoming Clinical Studies. 

For more information please see the link below.

OtherAdvocacyRare DiseasesUkraine May 27, 2022

News from Ukraine: Interview with Maria

Listen to interview with Maria. She speaks to us from Ukraine about her reality, her story and her plans for when the war is over. 

OtherUkraine Mar 3, 2022

SMA Europe mobilises its community to help people with SMA who are affected by the war in Ukraine

SMA Europe is shocked and devastated by the situation in Ukraine. SMA Europe stands in solidarity with all people suffering from the consequences of the war.

OtherJan 18, 2022

SMA NBS Alliance wins Eurordis Company Award

We are delighted to inform you that the European Alliance for Newborn Screening for SMA has been granted the EURORDIS Company Award for Patient Engagement which recognises the collaborative effort of the companies involved in ensuring that newborn screening (NBS) programmes in all European countries diagnose all newborn children with SMA.