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AdvocacyApr 16, 2023

Rare Revolution Magazine: interview with Nicole Gusset.

Today we are very happy to share with you the interview with our CEO, Nicole Gusset, published by Rare Revolution Magazine.

Nicole shares her vision of SMA Europe and speaks about different initiatives led by our organisation:

"(...) Initially, we were all united in the same goal—all fighting for the same unmet need—lack of treatments. Now we have medicines, but these are not universally available across Europe (or indeed globally). We need to be careful in our work that we stay united. (...)"

AdvocacySep 9, 2022

SMA Europe collaborates with the "Patient involvement in the development, regulation and safe use of medicines" report.

This CIOMS report describes the importance of a patient's perspective during all phases of medicine's life. The report bears in mind both the present context as well as the future, desired path that shall be followed. 

AdvocacyAug 12, 2022

International Youth Day 2022

Today, the 12th of August, we celebrate International Youth Day!
Listen to the TED talk of one of our youngest representatives, Jane Velkovski, who shares with us his vision about the life-changing power of assistive technologies.
"Freedom of movement, no matter on legs or wheels, is a human right," he says, and we couldn't agree more.